IX All-Ukrainian Massage Championship MAF2024

9th All-Ukrainian Massage Championship MAF2024

The 9th All-Ukrainian Massage Championship MAF2024, is where masters from all over Ukraine and beyond showcase their skills according to their own programs. Participating in the Championship gives the master the opportunity to grow as a professional, showcase themselves across Ukraine, increase the value of their work in the future, demonstrate their skills, and receive valuable gifts from the championship sponsors.

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Unlock Your Potential: Benefits of Joining the MAF Massage Championship

1. Attain Status

For the past 4 years, the All-Ukrainian Massage Championship has proven its world-class standard, establishing itself as one of the finest in Ukraine and Europe. According to statistics, participants in the championship typically increase the value of their services by 30%, while winners boost their rates by an impressive 50%. Join us and elevate your massage career to new heights!

2. Sponsorship Perks: Win Big

Participants and winners of the MAF Championship receive valuable gifts from the organizers and sponsors of the event. These include certificates for training, cosmetics, massage tools, and much more. Join us and unlock exciting opportunities to enhance your massage practice!

3. Discover New Horizons

Participation in the championship transforms the world of a massage therapist. It opens up new horizons in professional practice, instills confidence, provides opportunities to recognize mistakes and understand strengths, elevates value, and helps you find admirers of your mastery. Join us and embark on a journey of self-discovery and success in the world of massage.

Championship Participation Details

  • Competition Categories

    Choose from the following categories:
    1. Body Massage 2. Facial Massage 3. Eastern Techniques

  • If I want to stay for the entire festival after the championship

    In that case, you will need to purchase a festival participant ticket.

  • Does the championship participant ticket include access to the festival participant ticket?

    No, the championship participant ticket only allows for presenting your own program at the championship and competing for the title of champion. The festival ticket for that day only grants access to watch the championship as an audience member.

  • Performance Regulations

    Each performance is regulated to 30 minutes. Each session consists of 10 participants, who present their program simultaneously. You will have 15 minutes to prepare your workspace (break between sessions).

  • Application Form Submission

    When filling out the participation application, you will need to provide the following information: personal details, a description of yourself as a master, program name, and program description.

  • Why Describe Your Program?

    Your provided information will be displayed on a large screen during your performance. Additionally, the emcee will read this description aloud. Judges and audience members pay attention to this description when evaluating your performance.

  • Where Does the Championship Take Place?

    The championship will take place at the main festival venue on the first day. Address: 2 Sofiivska Street, Velyka Omelyana, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine, 35360 (September 24th at 14:00).

Get a Ticket

Ticket Acquisition Process: Choose the ticket type that suits you, click ‘purchase’, fill in your details. After processing your request, a Massage Art Fest manager (Telegram) will contact you within 24 hours and provide payment details for the ticket. Upon successful payment, you will receive the ticket to your provided email, granting you access to the championship.

Important: Payment for the ticket must be made within 24 hours of receiving the payment details, otherwise the application will be canceled. Submitting the registration form does not guarantee participation.

Instructions on How to Properly Fill Out the Program (Mandatory Reading)

Квиток учасника Pro

1 виступ

В квиток не входить: халат, тапочки, проживання, харчування, трансфер

3000 грн

Залишилось місць: 30


Single performance

The ticket does not include: robe, slippers, accommodation, meals, transportation.

50 $

Tickets Available: 30

Viewer Ticket

In case you do not have a festival ticket for this day

The ticket does not include: accommodation, meals, transportation.

15 $

Tickets Available: 50

Приклади відео з Квитка PRO

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How to Fill Out the Program

This information needs to be filled out during registration as a participant in the championship. It’s important to note that the provided description of yourself and your techniques will be displayed on screen and read aloud during your performance. Before submitting your information, make sure to review your material for any typographical errors, as the text will be presented as is.

1. Full Name

Please provide your Full First and Last name, as it will be indicated on the participant certificate of the championship.

2. Phone

Please provide a phone number linked to Telegram. A manager will message you on this number to send payment details for the ticket.

3. Email

Provide an existing email address and make sure there is sufficient storage space to receive emails. The participant ticket will be sent to this email address after successful payment.

4. City, Country

Indicate the city and country where you currently reside.

5. About Me

Provide information about yourself, experience, certifications, education. This is how the audience and judges at the championship will see you. The information will be read and displayed on the big screen.


Experienced massage therapist with 10 years of experience in physical therapy and rehabilitation. Certified massage specialist by the National Association of Physiotherapists. Member of the International Massage Association.

6. Experience in Massage Practice

Specify how many years you have been practicing.

7. Profile Picture

Photo of high quality and with good lighting. It will be displayed on a large screen during your performance. (Not in bushes, not a selfie)

8. Program Title

The title is how this service would be named for the client. The program title must correspond to the program as stated by the master. (This is one of the evaluation criteria).

9. Program Description

What type of massage it is, which techniques are used, and what is the purpose of the massage. The program description should be brief and clear. Based on the description, judges and spectators can properly assess the purpose and essence of the program. This information will be read by the host and displayed on the big screen during your performance.


This massage incorporates deep tissue techniques, stretching, joint techniques, and relaxation. It aims for thorough bodywork and complete rejuvenation of the nervous system, providing an overall sense of renewal.

Sample Completed Program

Full Name: Natalia Lemeshko
City: Harkiv
Country: Ukraine
Program Title:
French Facial Massage (Fitness Sculpting Facial Massage)
Experience: 3 years

About me: Cosmetologist-Massage Therapist, practicing privately since 2009. I hold medical and specialized education. Additionally, I continually enhance my skills through workshops and seminars. One day, I was faced with the challenge of finding and mastering a quality facial massage technique that would deliver results from the first session and provide a lasting effect after completing the course – correcting age-related changes as much as possible for each individual. Today, I am a qualified specialist in the French facial massage technique, also known as fitness sculpting facial massage.

Program Description: This massage promotes active strengthening of facial muscles, smooths wrinkles, lifts the corners of the lips, performs correction of the cheek area, and shapes a more defined and lifted facial contour. All of my students who have mastered this technique are always in demand and receive gratitude from clients!

Location and Accommodation

The championship will take place at the Sofia Aqua Club hotel and restaurant complex. During the festival period, all participants will be accommodated on the same premises, where all festival activities will also take place.

Important: Booking a room on the festival premises is only possible with a valid ticket. Reservations are made exclusively through the Massage Art Fest manager.


Rivne, Ukraine

Full Address: 2 Sofiivska Street, Velyka Omelyana, Rivne Oblast, Ukraine, 35360


Sofia Aqua Club

A large hotel and restaurant complex with two restaurants offering Ukrainian and European cuisines. It features pools, saunas, hot tubs, and green spaces. All facilities, including training locations, are situated on one premises.

Room Reservation

Як забронювати

Room reservation for Massage Art Fest is done directly through our manager. Accommodation can be booked with a valid participant ticket. You can reserve either a bed in a shared room or an entire room. Prices and options can be discussed with the manager on Telegram.


The professional panel of judges for the XI All-Ukrainian Massage Championship MAF2024.

The organizer of the championship: Course Plus, professional development courses for massage therapists, rehabilitation specialists, and physiotherapists (www.course-plus.com)

Olexander Nikolaichuk

Olexander Nikolaichuk

Head Judge
The founder and instructor of Course Plus - professional development courses, Owner of the trademark IASTM tools AkiroBlade, founder of the Massage Art Fest festival. Owner of the cosmetics brand Akiro. Qualified specialist.
Denis Demidov

Denis Demidov

International level instructor Denis Demidov. Founder of the Denis Demidov Beauty Academy, recognized leader in the field of massage and professional cosmetic services training.
Volodymyr Vesnin

Volodymyr Vesnin

Co-founder of The Vesnina Group - Health, Beauty, and Success Center. Orthopedic trauma doctor, candidate of medical sciences, assistant professor at the traumatology and orthopedics department of Kharkiv National Medical University; Osteopath, craniosacral therapist, specialist in biodynamics and somatic-emotional release.
Pavlo Yamkovyi

Pavlo Yamkovyi

Member of the Ukrainian Neurorehabilitation Association. Co-owner and director of the educational center "Rehabilitation School". Leading practicing specialist in musculoskeletal system work.